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Narendra Modi in USA; India is a country of opportunity for everyone

Narendra Modi in USA; India is a country of opportunity for everyone

The 14th and current Indian Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi is in USA for his 2-days official visit. He spent his first day meeting US top business tycoons including CEOs of Adobe, Google, Amazon and other esteemed companies’ chief. He later addressed Indian community in US. In the round table with 21 CEOs he highlighted how Indian government is reforming India completely by implementing GST and how it would help ease some complex processes required in doing business. While addressing the Indian community he shared that in the last 3 yrs, government is still working stain-free and corruption-free. He also didn’t forget to mention about the Surgical Strike Indian army did in order to blow the terror launch pads.

Modi will meet Trump on Monday in White House starting with a one-on-one, followed by a delegation-level bilateral meeting, some remarks to the press, followed by a cocktail reception and dinner.

Here are some key points in he mentioned during his address –

Foreign Ministry and Sushman Swaraj

It is now known to everyone that if one is in trouble he/she needs to tweet to Sushma ji (Minister of External Affairs) and she will be promptly response with all possible help. Indian foreign ministry, especially Sushma Swaraj ji has set up a new benchmark to help people and Indians, all around the world now have faith that in case of any trouble the local embassy is there to help. Modi also said that in the last 3 yrs, over 80,000 Indians have been rescued from different parts of the world.

Terrorism and Surgical Strike

20 yrs ago when India was trying to explain terrorism to the whole world, no one was able to understand it as everyone thought it is the problem of law and order of India but now the same people agree to us. After India conducted Sugical Strike, the world could have questioned and criticized us but they didn’t because we succeeded in explaining the menace of terrorism. The world also understood that India refrains from such practices but when required we can show power.

Technology and governance

The power of technology is not hidden from anyone and Indian understands it too. The government is trying to create ‘New India” (Adhunik Bharat) through technology driven governance. We want transparency in the system and increased usage of technology can bring this.

Opportunities in India

The whole world is looking at India and wants to partner with us. To help ease in doing business, seven thousand reforms alone have been done by the government. India is growing with the record speed and it will be a win-win situation for both India and USA. The implementation of GST will be a major reform that will further help reduce the hassle.

PM Modi is meeting Trump tomorrow who has called Indian PM Modi as True Friend. Here the Trump's tweet he posted before Modi's visit begins - 

H1B is the key concern of Indian and people are expecting that there would be some discussion around it. After both leaders will meet tomorrow, there will be a joint statement by them. As agreed, there would be no press meet.

Posted On : 26-Jun-2017

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