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Wake up, World's Most Important PM is coming: Israeli Daily hails PM Modi

Wake up, World's Most Important PM is coming: Israeli Daily hails PM Modi

Extraordinary leaders have an ability to draw an instant connect with the masses. PM Modi is the most popular leader India has ever produced and the country takes pride in him. He is an exemplary man, a man with a vision to transform the great nation. The Marker, a leading Israeli business daily has described PM Modi as the most important leader in the World. The headline of the article that heaped praise on PM Modi read -"Wake up. The most important Prime Minister is coming".

PM Modi is expected to visit Israel soon and the headline is what the Indian paid media needs to take note of. The hebrew edition of 'The Marker' carried the story on PM Modi. It said that Israel had great expectations from the Indian leader. The news daily highlighted the fact that PM Modi was efficiently carrying the aspirations of 1.25 billion Indians. "India is the fastest developing economy in the world", it said.

Other local Israeli newspapers have also given a lot of importance to PM Modi's three-day Israeli visit. 'The Jerusalem Post', an Israeli Daily has created a separate link "Modi's visit". PM Modi is the first Indian PM to visit Israel. Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has hailed PM Modi's visit as a very significant step in strengthening bilateral relations between the 2 countries.


PM Modi is not expected to visit 'Ramallah' during his three-day visit next week. PM Modi's visit will commemorate 25 years of establishment of diplomatic ties between the 2 countries. The Indian Prime Minister will also meet an 11-year old Jewish survivor Moshe Holtzberg of the 26/11 attacks.


Posted On : 28-Jun-2017

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