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A farewell letter to a Soldier from a sister

A farewell letter to a Soldier from a sister

Dear Brother Farhaan

This is a highly emotional to observe the news of your end of service to our mother land. I was going for a walk, and my phone rang. It was you and I was a bit surprised as you told me about your busy schedule. As soon as you told me about your retirement, made my feet stop in attention, raised my hand and saluted you. You have been a brilliant Son, a loyal friend and a Truthful human being. But I am not the person who could judge your quality of a soldier. You have been absolutely naughty in childhood. I still remember when you used to wait for Chauhan Uncle of next door to come at 6 PM from temple and how you walk behind him for prasad he brought from there. And the best one when you took the sweets and ran away on Rakshabandhan from Juhi and slipped. But you were mature enough when we lost our Mom, I could not see her in her last moments. You have shown your maturity and grabbed me when I arrived. I still remember your words ” Ba ji Maa ne kaha hai Ba ji ko pareshan mat karna ”

Farhaan you kept your promise to Dad as well. You did so well when cracked IIT. Chauhan uncle told you about it. And when you completed your Btec you got an offer from US. But how dad came and asked you about your choice and you have silently smiled and said ” Dady I won’t let you down”. We celebrated your joining in worlds finest Air Force with Rubina and Maasi. And we all saluted you which made you cry like a baby. Our Dad and Mom are watching you and feeling so proud. My brother, I know how much have you sacrificed for us.

I wish you good luck and a bright future. I love you so much. And remember


Your Ba ji

ZUBINA Wasim Ahmad

Posted On : 04-Jul-2017

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