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Horrific Condition of Kejriwal-Run Home for Mentally Challenged People

Horrific Condition of Kejriwal-Run Home for Mentally Challenged People

Asha Kiran is a Delhi government-run home for persons with mental disabilities and falls under the purview of the Delhi government’s Social Welfare Department. The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) conducted a surprise visit at the home and found inhabitants living in unmentionable conditions.

Eleven patients died in the facility in the last two months and the deaths had gone unreported. The conditions in the home are detailed below, and they are deplorable and utterly disgusting to say the very least –


·         Women were made to remove their clothes in the open while lining up to take a bath. Nude women roamed around in the corridors even when there were CCTV cameras installed that were being monitored by male staff.

·         The home was overcrowded with up to four persons occupying one bed.

·         Children were made to sleep on the floor without mattresses despite the cold winter because they wet their beds.

·         Toilets as well as some corridors were covered in urine, excreta and menstrual blood. Even some rooms reeked of urine as patients relieved themselves and weren’t cleaned.

·         Several aged people weren’t provided with wheelchairs and had to crawl to the toilets.

·         Patients were also made to do personal work for staffers. One patient was found massaging the legs of a staffer.


What’s equally shocking is that the state of this mental asylum has been such for a decade, and it was brought to the notice of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal in 2015 by the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG).

What has Kejriwaldone since the CAG report to improve conditions at this home?Also, this home comes under the Social Welfare Department of the government which is looked after by Manish Sissodia. What has he done to alleviate the problems of these vulnerable citizens?

This clearly shows that neither Kejriwal nor his other ministers care about the Delhi or its citizens. For majority of the time Kejriwal remains out of Delhi campaigning for his party. For the remaining period that he is in Delhi, he blames the center for ‘sabotaging’ his work.

There was even news that he might become Punjab’s Chief Minister if AAP is to win the state polls. He might make Sissodia the Delhi Chief Minister. Although, this is still unverified news, and for AAP to elect a CM it’ll first have to win the polls, but the fact is that Kejriwal has completely ignored the people who gave him an astounding majority. He no more cares about his promises, and now fears being in Delhi to face the people because the people clearly feel cheated and desire accountability.

Posted On : 04-Jul-2017

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