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Bengal Riots - One of its worst kind of riots

Bengal Riots - One of its worst kind of riots

Communal tensions flared up in North 24 Parganas district of West Bengal after an "objectionable" Facebook post by a 17 year old boy, claiming Kabba to be a Shiva Temple went viral. Mobs went on a complete rampage, vandalizing shops, torching police vehicles and blocking roads. The boy, a minor, instead of being provided security, was arrested by the police on Monday evening. But that did little to assuage the Muslims who demanded nothing but death for the blasphemer. Shops and homes of Hindus were looted and set ablaze by Muslim mobs.

As the situation remains tense, Mamata Banerjee continues to live in denial. Instead of preventing the disaster from becoming a catastrophe, Banerjee chose to blame Bhartiya Janata Party for stoking the unrest. “The ruling party at the Centre has an agenda – sometimes in the name of cow protection and the other times to trigger violence by using the social media,” she said. Banerjee showed the same indifference and callousness during the 2016 Dhulagarh riots when several deaths, rapes, kidnappings and property damage was reported.

The West Bengal government grants special allowances and sops to minorities and serving MLAs build crude bomb factories for use. In view of such blatant appeasement and courting of Muslims, it is unlikely that Mamata Banerjee will take any concrete action to prevent such atrocities. One must remember that this is the same government that tried to curb the violence in Darjeeling with an iron hand.

As usual, not one English media outlet has taken any interest in the growing lawlessness in West Bengal except Arnab Goswami’s Republic. Many are busy highlighting the spat between the Governor and Chief Minister while other are busy burying and denying the stories of communal violence.

Baduria, which comes under the Bashirhat sub-division of North 24 Parganas district is located adjacent to Bangladesh hence the possibility of an "outside" hand in inciting the tensions cannot be ruled out. The same was also pointed by BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya in his letter to HM Rajnath Singh.

Meanwhile, the chest-beating activists of #NotInMyName campaign are intriguingly silent, perhaps busy in sniffing another cow-lynching incident so that the obscene happenings in Bengal can be monkey-balanced and rationalised into something palatable.

Posted On : 06-Jul-2017

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