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Why Israel could be India's next best friend

Why Israel could be India's next best friend

There are few world leaders who have had the privilege of Israel’s grand reception. Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India is one of those among the likes of President of United States and the Pope. Israel has once again assured India of its friendship disregarding the fact that India has so far only wooed their nemesis, Palestine. It is only a matter of time before we have the India bashing brigade condemn India’s decision to move closer to Israel and ignore the Palestinian cause.

India’s stand has always been that of pro-Palestine ever since Nehru laid its foundation with his Non-Alignment movement. However, wooing the Palestinians in return of Arab states’ favor has not really helped us. Repeated appeals for restraining Pakistan has been for nought. Pakistan still continues to bother us with its home grown terrorists, funding the unrest in Kashmir and random shelling in areas around the LoC. On the contrary, the Arab states have firmly stood by Pakistan as part of their Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

Israel has not only provided us with military assistance in our wars of 1962, 1965, and 1971, but also was the first country to have recognized Bangladesh as a separate country after the 1971 war. The only country which not only continuously helped us but rather stepped up the arms sales to India after the embargo following the 1998 Pokhran tests. It was considerate enough to provide us with imagery of Pakistani stronghold, using UAVs, during the Kargil war. It is said that Israeli IDF chief, Moshe Dayan, offered to obliterate Pakistan’s Kahuta nuclear plant provided India could refill her jets. Sadly, the man who could give permission was busy being the Nishan-e-Pakistan.

Narendra Modi is the first Prime Minister, in 25 years, to have visited Israel since New Delhi formally established diplomatic relations with Tel Aviv in 1992. Diplomatic relations with Israel have been hugely dependent on which party held power in India. Congress has always towed the line of appeasing the Palestinians and offering a cold shoulder to Israel. 

Israel has offered assistance to us in the fields of robotics, precision agriculture, dairy farming, machine learning and most importantly water recycling and purification, among the many technologies that Israel is the leader in.

Jews in India have been living and thriving in India for a really long time. They haven’t faced the systematic discrimination and execution like their not so fortunate brethren in Europe and Middle East, rather many like J.F.R. Jacob have been rewarded for their service to their country. This could possibly be the only factor that has earned us Israel’s unwavering support.

Posted On : 06-Jul-2017

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