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ARVIND KEJRIWAL’s Never ending demands

ARVIND KEJRIWAL’s Never ending demands


As we all know Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal ji is famous for blaming others especially center and PM Modi ji for not letting him work in Delhi but this time he crossed all the limits and asked Election Commission to give him EVM machine and Mr Kejriwal will make his software public.

This is not the first time when Mr Kejriwal is making silly demands. Here is some of the demands he has made in the past –

  • After swearing in as Delhi CM for the 2nd time on 14th February 2015, Mr. Kejriwal demanded to hand over Delhi Police to him. Not only this, he offered a deal to PM Modi that give him Delhi Police for a year and if the situation doesn’t improve then take it back. 


  • Soon after asking control over Delhi Police, the next demand he made was to get control over Delhi ACB (Anti-Corruption Bureau). This time he requested PM Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh ji to give him ACB.


  • The next demand was with the Hindi news channel Aaj Tak. The news channel ran a sting and caught AAP MLAs involved in corruption. Instead of taking action on them, he instead asked Aaj Tak channel to provide him proof.


  • This time Arvind Kejriwal blamed Election Commission of India and has asked to provide his EVMs so that he can make its software public.



As Mahatma Gandhi ji said correctly that if you want to see the change then be a part of change first but instead Arvind Kejriwal ji did the opposite. Instead of removing the corruption from the state, he and his MLAs got involved in corruption.

Posted On : 04-Apr-2017

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