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Mamata Banerjee - Aurangzeb of 21st century

Mamata Banerjee - Aurangzeb of 21st century

Hindus in West Bengal seeking help of the court to celebrate their own festivals.

LakeTown Ram Navami Puja Committee submitted an application in March to South Dum Dum Municipality ruled by TMC to grant for celebration of Ram Navami.

But there was no response by concerned municipal department despite repeated reminders which clearly indicated No permission granted.

Left with no choice, the puja committee had to knock the court’s door. A petition was given in the court for permission of celebrations. Petitioner’s Councel Loknath Chatterjee told the court that an application was submitted to concerned municipal department on 22nd March and even the reminder was on 29th march but they have not got any reply on that yet.

The Calcutta high court under single Judge Bench Justice Harish Tandon ordered for the grant of permission immediately. Court also directed Fire Brigade, Police and Power supply authorities also.

And now RSS has organized 150 huge rallies to celebrate Ram Navami Pooja in West Bengal and is giving sleepless nights to Mamata Banerjee and TMC.

But the question remains the same, is Hindus being 70% in West Bengal are so helpless that they need legal support to celebrate their own festivals. 

Posted On : 05-Apr-2017

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