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Why Sasikala is being treated as VVIP in Bengaluru jail?

Why Sasikala is being treated as VVIP in Bengaluru jail?

As we all know that the Honorable Supreme Court while giving the judgement against Sasikal in DA case had clearly mentioned that she will be treated as any other ordinary convict in the jail and therefore she’ll not be allotted any special cell inside jail.

However, based on an RTI response it has come to notice that even after Supreme Court judgement she is being treated as VVIP.

The rule for ordinary convict states that an inmate can meet his/her relatives, advocates or family members once in 15 days (2 times in a month). However, jail records reveal that Sasikala was visited by 14 people in last one month. Not only that, the visitors stayed beyond the time limit defined in the jail manuals.

In additional, jail manual also states that, a visitor cannot meet inmate after 5 pm but people have met Sasikala even after 6 pm.

She is currently in Congress ruled states Karnataka and upon asking Mr. Brijesh Kalappa (Congress spokesperson) gave just the regular response that the government wasn’t aware of it and will instruct authorities to look into this.

Posted On : 06-Apr-2017

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