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A BIG REFORM in UP Education System - MUST READ

A BIG REFORM in UP Education System - MUST READ

Yogi Adityanath, the CM of Uttar Pradesh has said is very clearly that Education is one of his primary goals that he wants to improve the state on. The ministry is already working on it and the government may take following decisions soon to do a major reform in the Education sector –

1-      The UP government is planning to make 80% attendance compulsory of students from Class 9th thru 12th.

One of the reasons behind this could be, class 9th – 12th are the ones who help a student decide his career and having short attendance meaning less knowledge which could lead the student to no job or unemployment. A long term plan but still makes sense. 

2-      The government is also readying a draft of ordinance to regulate school fees.

This is one of the very common problems where parents always complain that private schools are charging exorbitant fees with no reasons and regulating the fees will certainly help a big society.

3-      Bio-metric attendance systems will be put in place for teachers so as to record teachers’ in and out times.

This is very common in government schools that teachers don’t come in the school and instead give coaching in private tuition centers. The bio-metric attendance system will help government track teachers’ records as to what time they are coming in and when are they leaving school.=

The Principal Secretary Jitendra Kumar said that while we work on these pressing issues, suggestions are also invited from the public to help us reform the education system of Uttar Pradesh. He added, a committee of the department will soon study similar drafts of different states like Punjab and Gujarat.

Posted On : 07-Apr-2017

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