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Full truth behind Omar Abdullah's tweet

Full truth behind Omar Abdullah's tweet

A video of Kashmiris hitting CRPF men was getting viral on social media which made every Indian very angry. After a day or two, J&K ex CM Mr Omar Abdullah Tweeted a picture of a Kashmiri man tied in front of an Army jeep to show how Indian Army treats Kashmiri youth.
(find the screenshot at the end of the post)

But this was just the half-truth. The real story is something else.

9 ITBP OFFICERS were gheraoed by mob of almost 10,000 stone pelters in Kashmir.

One of ITBP men send an SOS alert to Army seeking help, to which Army responded quickly and came up with a jeep and a truck to save ITBP officers.

They knew that stone pelters are ready and will not let them go easily therefore the Army tied one of stone pelters in front of the jeep to avoid any kind of open firing or pellet gun usage on the mob. Even the mob retaliate from pelting stone on Army after seeing a stone pelter tied to army jeep but still Army didn’t respond.

This was the only way to save ITBP officers without any violence or casualties.

Sadly some of our politicians and media personnel only show one side of story because it suits their propaganda. 

Army has already ordered for the detailed investigation and report is yet to come. But the above story has come after Omar Abdullah outraged the picture without knowing the full truth.

This is not the first time when J&K politicians like Omar Abdullah and his father Farooq Abdullah criticized Indian army and questioned them for taking actions against terrorists and we are not surprised with Omar Abdullah tweet.

Posted On : 16-Apr-2017

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