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PM Modi strong message on Triple Talaq – Stop exploiting Muslim women

PM Modi strong message on Triple Talaq – Stop exploiting Muslim women

On Sunday, while addressing BJP national executives in Bhubaneswar, PM Narendra Modi came out strongly against Triple Talaq and said Muslim women who have challenged the triple talaq should get justice and constitution should provide equal dignity to all.

He also said that Muslim women should not be exploited and if there are social evils then society should make all possible efforts to provide justice.

The All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) which deals with the Muslim personal laws in India however said that it would not tolerate any outside interference in the matters of Muslim personal laws. In support of Triple Talaq, the board said that it will socially boycott those who will misuse triple talaq and has also issued eight-point code of conduct to prevent misuse of Triple-Talaq. But will that end of mis-using of Triple-Talaq is still a matter of debate.

There has been multiple instances when Triple-Talaq and Nikah Halala have been challenged. However, this was probably the first time when Prime Minister Modi came out openly in support of Muslim women and opposed Triple-Talaq.

In recent times, several cases have come out where husbands call triple talaq over phone, WhatsApp, phone messages and other mean to communicate their separation from their wives. To which, Muslim women file PILs in Supreme Court terming Triple Talaq and Nikah Halala regressive and challenging them in the court.

It would have certainly given a sense of relief and confidence when PM Modi himself talks against triple talaq and said all efforts would be made to stop this exploitation. 

Posted On : 17-Apr-2017

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