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When Sonu Nigam made fun of Congress leader over English

When Sonu Nigam made fun of Congress leader over English

The versatile singer Sonu Nigam is in limelight these days because of his comment on loudspeaker. Most people understood his intent behind his tweets but some are taking it for ride and calling him anti-Muslim. However, he clearly mentioned is his tweets that loudspeakers shouldn’t be allowed to any religion be it temple, gurudwara and Mosque but some people got an opportunity to defame him and talk only about Mosque.

Out of many such people here is the Indrani Mishra who is National General Secretary at Indian Youth Congress and she has fought and won election from Asansol Loksabha seat in 2014.

She replied Sonu Nigam claiming that he is doing all these because he wants to be Rajya Sabha MP from BJP. She also claims that Anupam Kher also supports BJP for the same reason. To which Sonu Nigam thrashed her over her English and grammatical mistake instead of what she claimed.

Here is the series of tweets –


Posted On : 19-Apr-2017

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