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Report Card of 1-month of Yogi govt.

Report Card of 1-month of Yogi govt.

The 17th Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly election was held from Feb 11th to Mar 8th and BJP won this election with a landslide majority of 325 seats out of 403 seats. BJP contested this election without projecting any Chief Ministerial candidate and with all the ups and downs, guess works, stats BJP finally announced Saint of Gorakhpur, Mahant Shri Yogi Adityanath as 21st Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh along with UP BJP Chief Keshav Prasad Maurya and Dinesh Sharma as 2 Deputy CMs.

Initially, public opinion for Yogi was not in his favor because of his Hindu ideology and communal statements in the past but soon people realize that it cannot be a better CM candidate than Yogi Adityanath.

Here is the key decisions Yogi Adityanath took in his last one month. Have a look:

Law and Order –

One of the most basic problems of Uttar Pradesh was, law and order of the state was out of control. Yogi formed Anti-Romeo squads to keep close eyes on eve-teasing, molesting and harassment. His effort was greatly appreciated by all sections of the people, especially by young girls who were not feeling safe in previous government.

End of Mafia raj –

Yogi govt has clearly announced it multiple times that he and his govt will not tolerate any gunda or mafia-raj. They have only 2 choice, either leave the state or forget about gundagiri. His govt is preparing a detail plan to end the mafia-raj from the state systematically, be it land mafia, mining mafia or any other.

24*7 Electricity –

Yogi govt is working with the Power Minister Shri Piyush Goyal ji to provide 24 hrs electricity to urban areas and 18 hrs electricity to rural area by the year 2018.

Farmers Issues –

Instead of waiving off all loans of all the farmers, Yogi government waived off loans of small to medium farmers leaving rich farmers out of the cap. He decided to waive off loans with debt up to Rs. 1 lakh.

To further help farmers, Sugar mills are directed to pay all the old dues of farmers within 120 days and current dues within 14 days.

Anti-Corruption –

Special task force is formed to handle corrupt and corruption. A dedicated toll-free number is also in the plan to launch so that anyone can report the corruption using the phone.

In addition, he has asked all of his MLAs are bureaucrats to provide their asset details every year to keep track. Earlier Modi govt has also done the same after coming to power and later it was made public.

Illegal Slaughter Houses –

A complete ban of the illegal slaughter houses. Media and opposition tried to paint this as this govt is against a particular community but the idea behind shutting down illegal slaughter houses was to a) provide healthy and hygienic food and b) to curb the illegal practices.

No day-off on birth anniversaries –

It was a major decision to scrap unnecessary holidays in schools and govt offices on the name of social leaders’ birth anniversaries. Yogi said on the day of social leaders’ anniversary, school should teach about the leaders so that kids learn more about them. In previous Akhilesh govt, over 30 holidays were announced on the name of birth anniversaries.

Education –

Yogi govt is now drafting rules to keep check on fees hikes in the schools. In addition biometric system will also be in place for govt teachers to make sure teachers come to school regularly.

25 new Medical colleges is also decided to be opened in next 5 years.

Swachchh Bharat Abhiyan –

A complete ban on ghutkha and pan masala (tobacco) in govt buildings and offices.

Ordered leather industry that were along the river Ganga to relocate to farther place.

He also ordered to make UP roads potholes free within 30 days.

Posted On : 20-Apr-2017

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