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All is not well in Congress

All is not well in Congress

Arvinder Singh Lovely alongwith delhi youth congress President Amit Malik has joined BJP on this Tuesday.

It is like a heart stroke for delhi congress just ahead of MCD elections. Not only Lovely even three times minister in Sheila Dikshit govt Dr AK walia a very popular face of east delhi has distanced himself from campaigning for the party. It clearly shows something is wrong. Almost everyone is unhappy with the party leadership and their decisions imposed.

It is quite tough to work under a person whose repeated failures has bought the congress party on verge of extinction.

It is clearly visible that congress vice President Rahul Gandhi has no political wisdom and vision. He is not a politician material and to head a party or nation is a forced decision on him. His only achievement is his surname which is also sabotaged. Congress has to rethink and come out from dynasty slavery. They have to democratically elect a competent yet able leadership for its survival otherwise 44 will be tough for them in 2019.


Posted On : 20-Apr-2017

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