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Taj Mahal is Saffron Intolerant

Taj Mahal is Saffron Intolerant

A group of 34 models from various countries are here in Delhi to attend super model contest. The group visited Taj Mahal couple of days before. Some of the girls were wearing Saffron headscarf or Dupatta with "Jai Shri Ram" printed on it. They were asked to remove there scarves and dupatta by CISF and ASI officials before entering into Taj Mahal.

Why? As no religious symbols are allowed in Taj Mahal.

No news in Media anywhere, whereas Hindu Jagran Manch strongly object on this. They are protesting against this kind of rule which hurts hindu sentiments. And now BJYM (Bhartiya Janta Yuva Morcha) co-ordinator has announced to enter Taj on Saturday with saffron attire. 

Now the question is,do they also remove skull caps as well while entering Taj Mahal??

Posted On : 21-Apr-2017

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