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Now AAP MLAs want Kejriwal to resign

Now AAP MLAs want Kejriwal to resign

23 April 2017 is when Delhi voted for MCD elections. This MCD election was a litmus test for Aam Aadmi Party and its convener Arvind Kejriwal as they had eggs on their faces in every election they fought after winning Delhi in 2015.

The kind of governance Delhi got under Arvind Kejriwal is now seen across India, their real face is now exposed. Kejriwal is nothing but a psychopath power hunger who runs from one place to another for power and position but has no will to do any work for welfare and development of Delhi.

Even internal exit poll of AAP is giving 200+ seats to BJP and they themselves are failing badly.

Once again, instead of accepting defeat Mr. Kejriwal is planning to blame it on tampered EVMs and warned to launch a movement against it after election results.

But this time his own party MLAs are not in a mood to support him. According to source, 34 AAP MLAs want Kejriwal to resign on moral grounds if they face defeat in MCD election. BJP spokesperson Tajinder Bagga tweeted about this news.

Delhi is desperately waiting to see MCD results tomorrow (April 26th) and people of Delhi don’t seem to be in a mood to give chance to AAP again.

Posted On : 25-Apr-2017

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