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2019 Lok Sabha Election - Amit Shah started preparation

2019 Lok Sabha Election - Amit Shah started preparation

BJP President Shri Amit Shah started preparing for 2019 Lok Sabha Election and he sets off on a nationwide tour for the duration of 95-days. His main focus is to clinch 120 seats where the party had lost election in 2014. He starts his tour with 2-day visit to Jammu and Kashmir where BJP is in power with coalition of PDP. In J&K, BJP has 2 Member of Parliaments (MP) and 25 Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA).

Recently, some news channels reported that there are some problems in the BJP-PDP relations and a few BJP members may be replaced in J&K government led by Mehbooba Mufti (PDP). It was also reckoned that his visit is related to the current situation of J&K. However, Mr Shah, during an informal chat, told the reporter that his visit has nothing to do with the disturbing situation of J&K and it is purely focused to strengthen party and its extension.

Earlier last week on its executive body meeting Shah said that BJP’s golden era will begin when we rule from Panchayat to Parliament and on the same idea he is working hard towards expanding BJP in states where regional parties have good influence.

The BJP chief, a.k.a. Chanakya of current Indian politics, eyeing 2019 general election and is on a nationwide tour to party strengthen and expansion. Besides completing tour of all states in the country, Mr. Shah has also given unto himself, special task of reaching out to party workers and other citizens in five states – including West Bengal, Telangana, Odisha, Gujarat and Lakshwadeep.

BJP sources said that there is nothing wrong in this kind of visits and this will give us opportunity to meet party workers who are working for the party at the ground level.

BJP most likely has identified 600 full-timers, who will work across all Lok Sabha constituencies till the counting of 2019 elections. These 600 full-timers are identified from over 3,50,000 party workers who have volunteered to work closely for party.

Shah has also categorized all the states as A, B or C and based on the category he’ll spend three, two or one day respectively. He has also hinted that a reshuffle in the organization may also happen considering several office-bearers are now ministers in UP government.

He not only want to win 2019 election but also wants to do better than 2014 and have started working towards it. 

He also said that the party is reaching out to all 11-crore members enrolled during 2015-2016 membership drive and seeking if they are available to be involved in booth level activities. 

Posted On : 29-Apr-2017

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