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"Rajneeti to Yogi-neeti", current UP politics has changed a lot

The elections in India since independence have been by and far mostly fought keeping in mind “vote banks”. Be it religious or caste based divisive politics, it has taken a toll on the progress and development of the nation. 

If even after 67 years of independence, the first speech by the Prime Minister on Independence day in 2014 focused on cleanliness drives and making toilets, it tells a great deal of our misplaced priorities since independence. 

But thankfully we now see a new breed of emerging leaders who have their priorities in order and they show the intent and zeal to set things right. The recent Uttar Pradesh polls has brought a welcome change in the history of Indian politics. For once the common man in Uttar Pradesh has chosen to ignore the caste and religion and voted for the development promises. It has not been much time since Yogi came to power but one thing that stands out the most is that even his staunchest critics have now mellowed down. The hue and cry across the Liberal intellectuals and the main stream media houses against Yogi have been proven to be mere rhetoric. Channels like NDTV went on showing parts of his alleged hate speeches, taken out of context, portraying Yogi as some sort of an anti-Muslim monster. Their news anchors went hoarse crying wolf. They left no leaf unturned digging through their archives to find every bit of potentially incarcerating video and news. It was most interesting to see that the Pakistan media was echoing the same sentiments.

It’s too early to really judge Yogi’s performance as a Chief Minister. But he is definitely giving off all the right vibes. He has shown a strong intent to make things right. Ordering pothole free roads by 15thJune, the drive against petrol pumps, the drive against power theft, Yogi has shown that he means business. He has dared to challenge the status quo of the paralyzed administrative system and the uncaring bureaucracy in Uttar Pradesh.

I was really surprised and also happy to read a news that Yogi Adityanath had ordered distributing school bags with the former Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav’s picture to school kids. These 1.8 crore school bags were ordered by the former Samajwadi Party government just before the elections. School bags with pictures of the Chief Minister and the party slogan clearly shows that the motive behind distributing the school bags was not the welfare of poor school students but a mere political gimmick keeping in mind the upcoming elections. Yogi Adityanath has set an example by going ahead and ordering the distribution of these bags thereby saving crores for the exchequer.

For once we are seeing a leader who is least bothered about publicity. For once we have a leader who is not afraid of being politically incorrect for the larger benefit of the people. I wish and hope to see many more Yogis in other states too.

Posted On : 03-May-2017

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