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Why article 370 still haunts Kashmir

Why article 370 still haunts Kashmir

The special status granted to J&K in form of article 370 is turning out to be a bane. Since its implementation, it has been a political and religious tinderbox. It has been a serious impediment in Kashmir's development and economic stability. Repercussions of this baseless article haunts Kashmiri youth even today.


Article 370 which was implemented to preserve Kashmir's identity, culture and sanctity has bought catastrophe for Kashmir. It has done more harm than good. in 65 years it has only subverted Kashmiri people and deprived them of desperately needed development opportunities. It has deprived J&K of industrial development as article 370 doesn't allow outside investment which because of this there is a lack of job opportunities which has further fueled the insurgency. Separatists leader have played a key role in indoctrinating the masses Because of which there is a strong sentiment towards this article in hearts of Kashmiri people.

It also deprives J&K of many beneficial laws such as Wealth Tax, Gift Tax & Urban Land Ceiling Act and intermarriage with other Indian nationals. Article 370 is a highly misconceived article and it has created a separate psyche in Kashmir.  Another reason that Kashmiri leaders don't want this article to abolished is because they gain profit by depriving local population of it, for instance, a piece of land which grabs INR 60 million when sold outside Kashmir grabs only INR 4 million when sold locally that's fifteen-fold drop in prices. in this way, leaders are looting Kashmiri people in the name of article 370     

Article 370, included in the Constitution on a temporary provision should have been gradually abrogated. This has not happened in sixty years. In fact, whenever someone mentions this, vested interests raise an outcry that legitimate rights of Kashmiris are being trampled upon. 

so the question now arises that can't it be abolished? according to me it can, but only with two steps number one is political will because out of 87 seats in J&K assembly  45 comes from Kashmir and until Kashmiri leaders aren't determined that they no longer need this draconian article, nothing can be implemented and that's for sure. Also for this, they have to overcome their deeply ingrained love for Pakistan and this article. The second thing needed is an impartial resolution because without a firm stance change is of no good.


After nearly 67 years of independence Jammu and Kashmir is at a crossroad. Politicians with narrow vision are favoring continuation of Article 370, without caring for the fulfillment of the aspirations of the people of J&K. The need of the hour is to make J&K stand on its own feet, integrating with the rest of India by repealing this temporary provision of Article 370.


Posted On : 06-May-2017

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