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Arnab is back and Lalu in trouble

Arnab is back and Lalu in trouble

Arnab Goswami, the name which became synonymous with hard hitting nationalistic journalism, is back. And back with a bang. In his first telecast comes the expose of Lalu Yadav's nexus with the dreaded mafia don, Shahabuddin. On the tape Shahabuddin is heard asking to get an SP removed and Lalu then goes ahead and asks his aide to call the SP.

Though this might seem to be a routine stuff, this conversation happened when Shahabuddin was in jail. This has proved that indeed its jungleraj in Bihar. Its the mafia dons who are running the state. If the police of the state says that 9 lakh litres of confiscated alcohol was drunk by rats, it should be no surprise that the state bureaucracy and law and order is at the mercy of mafia dons. The jailed criminals have access to the political bosses who are more than willing to dance to their tunes.

Now we need to wait and see what Nitish Kumar does.Will he succumb to the pressures of alliance or will he gather the guts and take a stand against the RJD and severe all ties? The future will answer these questions. There is also a big question mark on the mahagathbandhan promised by Lalu Yadav. Will the alliance partners in Bihar and small regional parties like to be associated with a party whose supremo is taking instructions from jailed criminals and obliging them? We need to wait and watch. And the biggest impact would be on the upcoming Presidential elections. A couple of days ago there was a news about a common candidate being nominated by the opposition party. But now it seems the mahagathbandhan and any chances of a challenge to the NDAs presidential candidate is down the drain.

What is more disturbing than the Lalu tape is, the way RJD representatives are trying to defend Lalu on national television. 

And once again coming back to Arnab Goswami. Rival media houses (read Presstitutes) and politicians who were rubbed the wrong way by Arnab have time and again tried to discredit Arnab Goswami. He has been called jingoistic and a loud mouth, a BJP agent and what not. But this is the journalism we need. This is the reporting the nations needs. Welcome back Arnab and we indeed missed you

Posted On : 06-May-2017

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