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The AAP debacle - Kapil Mishra's lethal punch

The AAP debacle - Kapil Mishra's lethal punch
In 2015, AAP came to power in Delhi with perhaps the biggest victory in the history of democracy in the world. Winning 67 out of 70 seats was no small feat.

But soon we started seeing rifts in AAP. We saw factions appearing like toadstools during monsoons. With Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan being kicked out of the party unceremoniously, Arvind Kejriwal established his complete control over the AAP. Perhaps that was the first clear indication that it was no more Aam aadmi party but Akela Arvind Party.

Kejriwal tried to become a one man show. His ambitions knew no bounds. We saw the man transform into a self centered egomaniac. Delhi was suffering while Kejriwal and his ministers behaved like Nero. Election losses one after the another brought the high flying AAP and Kejriwal down to earth. But as usual the team Kejriwal was in denial. They blamed EVM tampering for the losses. That was a clear indication that AAP and Kejriwal have lost all connect with the common man.
The final nail in AAP's coffin has been put by Kapil Mishra, minister in Arvind Kejriwal's cabinet. Today Kapil Mishra has stated that he saw Arvind Kejriwal taking 2 crore ruppees from Satyendra Jain. Satyendra Jain himself is being investigated for money laundering and hawala transactions.

This is a big expose not by some rival political party but by a founder member of AAP. Kapil Mishra is no ordinary elected MLA. He has been in active public life as an activist starting with Jessica Lal murder case. He worked on exposing the CWG scam. He was associated with India against Corruption and a founder member of AAP. There is no reason not to believe his allegations. Its up to Kejriwal now to respond. Will we see another denial drama like the EVMs or will we see some strong steps being taken against Arvind Kejriwal by the AAP. 

Arvind Kejriwal has a lot to answer now.

Posted On : 07-May-2017

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