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Truth Behind 2 Crores

Truth Behind 2 Crores

Thanks to the Delhi people who has helped figuring out the truth of so called Aam Aadmi Party, also a very huge thanks to the Kapil Mishra who also, living inside body, worked as an antigen to the Aam Aadmi Party.

What was history behind those 2 crores taken by Prime Minister of Delhi Arvind (Not by the fault, PM of Delhi) as bribe by Satyendra Jain? What I think personally is that, the bribe taken by Arvind was for the portfolio that was given to Satyendra Jain. That day when Satyendra Jain was in Chief Minister’s office, Kapil Mishra was there for some reason and saw Arvind having lunch and fulfilling his stomach. Kapil, when later asked Arvind for the reason of having that lunch, he (Arvind) replied “It’s must to stay in politics”.

Now making some attention to that statement of Arvind, it is clear that the lunch wasn’t of green vegetables but would be of gutter dirt. It’s clear that there is something wrong with CM of Delhi.

Some years back he stated that if he is found guilty in any case or is found corrupt, he must be thrown out of the party. But wait, he is the founder of the AAP, how he can be dismissed?

That would have been a political move, if the same statement of Kapil Mishra would have been said by any other political party, but the statement is given by their own founder member of the party. No one can question on the statement because he has been in the Cabinet of Aam Aadmi Party and knows the dust inside the party very well which has to be cleaned.

Many would ask why Kapil Mishra came when he was thrown out of his office? Why not before?

But Kapil Mishra even before, asked Kejriwal about his party funding. Kapil Mishra has also registered a complaint in Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Not only he alleges Arvind for those 2 crores but also that Arvind has helped his relatives to get the land of worth 50 crores.

This allegation is not new for Satyendra Jain, because his name has come up in cases to do with black money and money laundering. He’s being investigated by CBI many times.

When the press conference was over he(Kapil Mishra) tweeted, “I saw it day before yesterday and yesterday morning raised my voice against it openly.” He further tweeted, ”The day Satyendra Jain goes to jail, everything I’ve said will come true. It’s just a matter of a few days. ”

Arvind Kejriwal whom I idealised during the Anna Hazare Movement, now that man has created a rift which is filled by hatred against him and hence I will continue to hate him until he himself comes up and apologises and leave politics because he himself once was opposing politics. Kejriwal is a greedy, ambitious and selfish politician who works on the principle of AAP ka Sath, AAP ka hi Vikaas.

He is really a selfish person who takes false oath of his children just for his political ambitions. Arvind Kejriwal should resign immediately and should be thrown out of the party. New elections should be held in Delhi. Thanks to Republic TV who brought evidences against the Special Minister Satyendra Jain, an Income Tax report. The Aam Aadmi Party in not so aam, this party has emerged as another Congress of India in very short period of time. Congratulations Anna Ji, for giving birth to the most corrupt party in India in a very short time.

Posted On : 08-May-2017

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