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Sunanda Pushkar death - New revelations exposing cover up

Sunanda Pushkar death  - New revelations exposing cover up

Arnab Goswami does it again. Republic TV has come out with an explosive and incriminating expose. And this time it’s a massive one on the Sunanda Pushkar murder case. Republic TV has released 19 audio tapes which directly implicate Shashi Tharoor of lying and conveniently hiding facts when he gave his statement to Delhi police after Sunanda Pushkar’s death. The phone call recordings released are between Sunanda Pushkar and Prema Sridevi (now a reporter with Republic TV) and Prema Sridevi and Narayan, Shashi Tharoor’s aide.

To remind our readers about the circumstances under which Sunanda Pushkar’s dead body was discovered in her room at the Leela Palace hotel in Delhi on 17th Jan 2014. A day before her death, Sunanda Pushkar had an infamous Twitter fight with a Pakistani reporter Mehar Tarar where she accused Tarar of stalking and ensnaring her husband. Sometime later the couple released a joint press statement that the tweets were sent after the account was hacked. On the night preceding her death, the couple fought throughout the night and Sunanda slept only after 6 AM. This has been revealed by Shashi Tharoor’s aide in one of the released tapes. Shashi Tharoor then left for a Congress meet and returned to the hotel at night to find his wife dead.

Now here is where the narrative starts falling apart. Shashi Tharoor in his statement to Delhi police had stated that he had left the hotel in the morning at 6.30 to attend the Congress meet being held in the city. One of the tapes reveal that when the reporter was talking to Narayan around later in the morning he mentions that Shashi Tharoor is coming back. Secondly, Shashi Tharoor was trying to stop Sunanda talking to the press. And perhaps the biggest expose is the fact that Shashi Tharoor knew that Sunanda was sleeping in room 307 but her body was found in room 345. No alarms were raised by Tharoor or his support staff. What also raises doubts is the fact that there were assault marks on Sunanda Pushkar’s dead body and the post mortem report mentioned that there were around 15 injury marks including bite and injection marks but no investigation was done in those lines and her death was declared a natural death.

These new murky details that have emerged clearly prove that there was an all-out effort to botch-up the investigations and also clean up forensic evidence. It raises a lot of questions on the Delhi Police investigation team. Why is it that even after the reporter Prema Sridevi had provided all the evidence to Delhi Police, no further investigation was done and Sunanda's death was declared a natural death. Why was the post mortem report ignored which clearly indicated assault? Was Delhi police acting under duress? Was there any pressure to prove a planned murder to be a case of death due to medical reasons? A lot needs to be answered now. And as reported by Republic TV, Shashi Tharoor has left for an undisclosed location as soon the news broke.


Posted On : 08-May-2017

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